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Trade up and get involved!

Offer an item or a service for trade up

Our current trade ups...   

  1. House or Garden Concert up for trade!  Local Ottawa performers Brian Loyer and Jack Pyl are offering a lovely concert in the location of our choice.  Consider a sit down living concert or a backyard performance!

  2. Vintage Metal Cargo Trunks

Two Vintage Metal Cargo Trunks up for trade!  Large trunk measures 21x43x23 and Small Trunk measures 20x36x19.  Bid on one or both!  



Donations  also accepted for this fundraiser!!


          Make your bid at ottawatrees@yahoo.ca

Trading Up For TREES
February 9 – May 4, 2022
‘ Trading Up For Trees’ is a novel fundraising activity based on the famous example of Montreal teen Kyle MacDonald. In 2006, in 14 trades, he  traded up a red paperclip for a house in Saskatchewan.
(See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_red_paperclip)
Funds raised from ‘Trading Up For Trees’ will compensate local actors, musicians, technicians, set builders etc. involved in the production of ‘whY!’, a theatrical performance playing at the Ottawa Fringe Festival, June 16-26, 2022.
Through song, poetry, and dialogue ‘whY!’ tells a story about disconnection from our environmental roots. It’s a call for everyone to be aware. It’s an invitation to action. 
Trade Up and get involved! 
Offer an item or a service for trade! 
Trades will run from Feb. 9 - May 4.
Have fun with your trade! Support the cause! Anything goes!
Less valuable items are traded for more valuable items
***Go to www.irenespub.ca or Irene‘s Facebook page to check for the latest item for trade
***To offer a trade email ottawatrees@yahoo.com
Include, name, address, phone number and a photo with a short description of item or service offered
*** Accepted bidders will be informed*** 
The final item will be SOLD  at an event 
in MAY at IRENE’S PUB to raise funds for 
the ‘whY!’ production

*** Learn the story behind***
   Ottawa Fringe Festival, June 16-June 26
The ‘whY!’ Fringe Festival production is the brainchild of a group of Ottawa residents. Through song, poetry and dialogue it tells the story of opposition to the planned destruction of 750 irreplaceable canopy trees, 53 acres of public park land, countless creatures and wildlife habitats at Queen Juliana Park at the Central Experimental Farm in the heart of Ottawa. All environmental protections, accessibility regulations and traffic congestion issues were bypassed to allow construction of an inaccessible mega-hospital and parking lot for over 3,100 cars on national heritage land in the heart of Ottawa. The first step in the proposed plan is the  construction of an airport sized parking garage for 2,325 vehicles beside Dow’s Lake.  Other, more appropriate hospital sites were available and were approved prior to the arbitrary, unjustified announcement of the current plan. To learn more about this unacceptable plan please see the Reimagine Ottawa website at www.reimagineottawa.ca
Make your bid at ottawatrees@yahoo.com
            Thanks for ‘Trading Up For Trees’
     ****Thanks for supporting ‘whY!’**
Fringe Festival Team
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